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If the clones have rooted through the blocks and the slabs are fully soaked then the plants can be transplanted onto the slabs. 

Firstly cut the slabs open on the underside so that the water can drain out. 

With Libratrays:
Make sure all the trays slope towards the end. (+ - 4cm lower) 


Now place the blocks in the plant openings and hold them secure with a dripper. 

It is wise to remove the longer roots that come out from the underside of the blocks. Do this with a pair of clean, sharp scissors. (Do this only with the roots that are longer than 5cm.) 

After transplanting give all the plants a little bit of grow solution with an EC of 1.7, and a pH of 5.8. 
If you want a shorter but wider plant, you can now "TIP" it. Ensure after tipping that a minimum of 5 to 7 sets of leaves remain.   
When the plants have rooted into the slab and the first side branches have begun to develop, you change the lamp over to the flowering scheme. e.g. 12 hours of darkness per day. 

You can now give them frequent watering periods. 

One watering period every two hours, when the light is on, is optimal. Ensure you provide for enough drainage water. This must be approx. 15% of the total water per watering period. This is easy enough to check by every now and then measuring the drain water of one tray in a measuring jug. (from one watering period) 


Take into account that every green part (therefore the entire plant) is light sensitive. Consequently ensure for a complete and undisturbed period of darkness.