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Home page for HOME GROWN Hydroponics.
Hydroponic growing , compleate details on how to set up your own hydro grow system without spending BIG bucks, by using recycled and generic building or gardening materials. I have grown many plants this year using the drip feed setup, this is a proven method that can be setup as you salvage your materials. With I money saved by growing my own, I improved my set up, got out of hock and I never have to see one of those rip off dealer scum bags again. Feel free to use my information for personal use all text and diagrams are owned and copyrighted.
Hydroponic Basics
Explanation principles and methods
Germinating & Sprouts
How to germinate seed, when to plant and transplant.
Root Chamber
Details on making your own Root Chamber
Cutting and preparing Rockwool before use
Flood & Drain
Flood & drain hydroponic setup
Drip Feed
Drip Feed hydroponic setup
Pump used to circulate juice
Indoors Lighting
Fluorescent Light works well to start with.
Growing In Limited space
Growing on shevles to make the most of your space.
Hydro Juice
Hydroponic nutrient solution.
Sites that have Hydroponic Info.

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