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        Plant nutrient is available from the hydro shop (hydroponics supplier). These concentrated nutrient solutions are diluted in water to make the hydro juice to feed the plants. Simple nutrient concentrates are easier and cheaper (from $8 for 750 ml.). But some of the nutrient chemicals precipitate out as flakes before use and are lost. Two part nutrient concentrates (from $20 for 2L.) don't have this problem. By separating nutrient chemicals they allow more nutrients to be added same amount of water.

         Mixing the two part hydro juice. Half fill the nutrient tank, mix the required amount of concentrate Part A in the water. Fill the tank and mix required amount of concentrate Part B. Check the instructions on the containers before buying or using either type of nutrient concentrate.

List of the 16 elements all plants need to grow and concentrations in solution.

Nitrogen N 96
Phosphorous P 48
Potassium K 246
Calcium Ca 123
Magnesium Mg 48
Sulfate SO 412
Iron Fe 3
Manganese Mn 0.5
Zinc Zn 0.08
Copper Cu 0.06
Boron B 0.5
Molybdenum Mo   0.1

         I have only used per mixed nutrient solution and am yet to try the formulation below, so if you have any info could you please let me know about it, thanx.

        The 16 elements in the table above are derived by plants from the atmosphere or from minerals in the soil, Dr. Alan Cooper proposed this formulation for his NFT hydroponic system, a typical nutrient solution.


         The table below contains the ingredients to be added to 1000 liters of water, in practice the solution is concentrated in to 2 parts, preventing loses from chemical reactions. Fill two 10 liter plastic bottles with water mark that part "A"  and part "B". Dissolve calcium nitrate and EDTA iron in part "A" and the rest of the ingredients in part "B".
           Concentrates are used by adding 100mls.(cc's.) of each part per 10 liters of water. The concentration of the final solution can be measured with a EC meter (electrical conductivity meter),
this reads the conductivity of the nutrient solution.

Nutrient Chemicals Weight in grams
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate 263.00
Potassium nitrate 583.00
Calcium nitrate 1003.00
Magnesium sulphate 513.00
EDTA iron 79.00
Manganous sulphate 6.10
Boric acid 1.70
Copper sulphate 0.39
Ammonium molybdate 0.37
Zinc sulphate 0.44



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