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Growing On Shelves
Growing in limited space A shelve setup can be used if your short on floor space, shelves about 30cm. wide and a bit longer that the root chamber are placed on a wall or something. Fluorescent lights are hung on chains and hooks, as the plants grow they are trained horizontally along the tubes. They will need 3 or 4 tubes to get enough light. The plants should be tipped when they reach the end of the fluoro's and if healthy they can be headed. A single PVC tube would be used for the root chamber.

This setup is also good for propagation or starting seedlings, if you already have a grow room on head timing (12h. dark 12h. light). You can have your next crop 2 or 3 weeks old when this ones ready

Closet Grow System.
This diagram show a closet growing set up, this is a complete set up

Closet system 
Hydroponic setup
1 Root chamber & medium. 
2 Tanks aprox 40L. 
1 Pump. 
1 Timer. 
1 Exhaust fan 10'' min 
5 hose fittings. 
1 4L/hour Dripper per plant. 
Dripper tube &  Supply tube 
1 400w HID & ballast. 
1 Timer Switch 10 amp min. 
4 18W fluorescent fitting. 
1 Timer Switch 4 amp min ?? 
 If set up as a flood and drain system the pump output is connected to the top end of the root chamber
The drain tank and pump are placed with the cloning chamber and fluorescent lights in the lower part of the closet if the clone lights have a separate Timer or are on 24 hours then the cloning chamber must light sealed. 
The pump is on a timer the nutrients from the drain tank are pumped up to drip feed tank at the top,  about 6 minutes per 4 hours this is enough to to keep the dripper to each plant going continuously.
The 400w HID is on a separate timer 12 hours on/off. The clonning chamber should have light on 18 -24 hours a day, both chambers need good ventilation.



 Basics Germinating | Root Chamber | Rockwool/Sex | Flood/Drain | Drip | Pump | Lights | Shelve Growing | Nutrients | Links
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