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Porter V2.2
Welcome to The Porter v2.2 web site!
Porter is used for automation of electricial/electronic devices by the use of relays via an interface connected to the printer port. Relays can be used to switch lights, pumps, fans or whatever on and off, the relays are opened and closed by changing the data on the printer port. Porter sets the data bits on the Printer port to control external devices with relay interface. Data can be sent to the port 120 times a day or sent manually.

Porter v2.2 is Shareware, you should register Porter v2.2 All registered users receive Porter v3.x when it is released. See register.txt or porter20.hlp included with Registraton is AUD$35 or USD$25.
email any comments or bugs to

Download the Program and components

Installing: Unzip All the files to a folder and doubble click porter22.exe

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