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HO track layout pictures work in progress
1.32M x 1.15M (4'4"x3'9")

This is my first Ho track layout, not much of a plan was used although Stage 2 was planed from Stage1 as I figured out a way for the track using flextrack, 18"R Tyco curves (2 x 45°) and 2 sections 15"R lima track, Track is held with self tapper screews clamping sleepers, this is so i can change it round without removing pins allowing great flexability lining up joins. When the layout is finilised i can put in track pins remove seft tapper screews and fill the holes with ballast The layout consists of 2 ovals with the inner oval raised on one side so track form points on outer road can pass under the inner oval and then join it, there is also a second road from the inner road to the outer road

a Lima Shunter with Daisy's face OO scale.

Hornby Percy OO scale.

A Bachmann Santa fe diesel HO scale purchased off had to replace the drive bogie with a LifeLike sparepart, I also have a Twisties boxcar and a stock car


Circuit diagram of power supply, 1 for inside line 1 for outside line.
Reversing switches with centre off on each output. DPDT switches.

There are two electricialy isolated track joins on tracks connecting the inside and outside lines