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Growing Schedule
The HIGHLIFE Company
A sound grow room with a good climate is essential for a healthy harvest. Always allow a few days for a dry run, by this, turn everything on (except for the plants) and monitor if all the values are maintained within the specified values. (eg. temperature, humidity) 
  • Provide sufficient exhaust air. min. 100m3 per m2 
  • Ensure the room is 100% lightproof. Pay special attention to the ventilation openings 
  • Don't place too many plants, approx. (20 - 25 per m2) 
  • A good drainage systems saves time and money 
  • An oscillating fan provides for good air circulation through the plants 
  • 1x400W high pressure sodium lamp is sufficient to provide the optimum amount of light for 1m2 
  • Good reflection in the form of mylar-foil, increases the output of the lamp. 
  • Provide a large enough opening, or use a fan, for sufficient supply of fresh air. 
      In the tray:
    Min: 18 deg C
    Max: 25 deg C
    Opt: 22 deg C

    In the air:
    Min: 18 deg C
    Max: 28 deg C
    Opt: 26 deg C

    Relative Humidity
    Min: 55%
    Max: 75%

    Try to maintain the humidity on the high side in the begining and lower during the last few weeks.