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Soaking: EC=1.7; pH=5.3; Min 24 hrs 
One of the most important values in a Toprock Garden, is the pH-value (acidity-level) in the Toprock slab. The plants require the correct pH-level, so that they can utilise the maximum benefits from the nutrients. In order to achieve the optimal pH as soon as possible, the following soaking scheme is recommended. 
Prepare a reservoir full with Grow-Solution. Read the instructions accompanying the nutrients thoroughly before beginning. Dilute the nutrients with water to an EC of 1.7 and then after, adjust the pH to 5.3. Immerse the blocks in the solution for a minimum of 24 hours!  EC=1.7; pH=5.3 
Place the seedlings carefully in the blocks and give them all a little grow solution. 
pH : 5.8
Place the blocks closely together in the extra trays and place them under the lamp. Maintain a minimum distance of 1 metre between the lamp and the tops of the plants. Leave lights on for 18 hours per day.
The right climate at this stage is of major importance. Keep the air humid (min. 60%). Keep the temperature between 20 and 25 degrees celsius. 
Place the slabs in the trays, and make the plant openings. Keep the underside of the slabs closed! 
The soaking scheme, used for the blocks also applies for the slabs. Therefore, fill the grow solution and use and EC of 1.7 and a pH of 5.3. Leave them immersed for a min. of 24 hours.