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Typical Washing Machine Pump.
        After the hydro juice has drained out of the root chamber into the lower tank it has to be pumped back up again to recirculate. A timer switch is used to control the pump. Hydroponic and Aquarium suppliers sell pumps from about $A45 for a small one and about $A150+ for an adequate pump. Old washing machine drain pumps can be used to circulate the hydro juice and are easily salvaged.

        A typical washing machine drain pump consists of a electric motor, a cooling fan on one end of motor shaft and a water impeller on the other end. The water impeller has 2 short tubes for connecting the hoses. The inlet is over the centre of the impeller and the outlet on the side at right angles to the motor shaft. Attach a 13mm. garden hose to the pump inlet and one to the pump outlet using hose clamps, adapters, silicon sealer, hot glue gun or whatever.

        Some pumps are DANGEROUS as they have a short duty cycle these are usually from automatic washers and can only be used for 5 minutes then not used again for 1 hour. A short duty cycle pump may burn out or CATCH FIRE if left on for too long. Test your pump by pumping water for 5, 10, 20, 60 minutes, at the end of each test disconnect the power supply from the pump and CAREFULLY feel the temperature of motor winding coil. You should be able bear the temperature for some time, CAUTION a pump with a very short duty cycle may be very hot after 5 minutes and the power must be disconnected before touching the pump.
Typical Pump Ass.

Typical Car WindScrean Washing Pump

      Below is a 12volt car windscrean wahser pump this one from also from Auto Parts supplies. It takes about 15 minuites to pump 30L a height of 2M and cost about AUD$10, its run from a 12volt plugpak supply and a mechnical timer. I fould that the washer pumps would only last about 6 months so I'm trying the 12 volt pump

 Basics Germinating | Root Chamber | Rockwool/Sex | Flood/Drain | Drip | Pump | Lights | Shelve Growing | Nutrients | Links
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